In a faraway island, away from the large region we know, there lies... a blocky paradise.

It was different than the home we know, the land of Ice Cream Standopia.

It contained blocky creatures that gazed and wandered.

At the center of this island, there lived one man.

Sitting atop his throne of his land, he saw vast far and wide, king Domiduf the fair and wise.

The Wise King Domiduf could create and shape his lands one block at a time, no one knew how he possessed such power.

He himself so blocky and similar, though the creatures all looked upon with such reverence.

But one day from the edges of the island, he saw from his throne a strange green creature.

He had seen such a monster so gentle and kind in the past, but this one was different, though it may just be a creeper.

He climbed down his throne and rode on his steed, quick and agile.

He met with this creeper he had not seen before.

This was not his creation, it had a ears and a tail.

"What are you strange creature?"

The mighty king uttered.

The creeper slowly opened it's mouth and whispered,

"I am but a cat."

The King was confused and stroked his blocky beard,

"I am Domiduf the kings of these lands, you may stay here as you wish my blocky friend."

The creeper looked up and looked upon the king.

With a purr and a meow it began to brush against the king.

Domiduf was stricken, with amazement and joy.

The creeper did not explode, as the nature of their kind.

He patted the head of this strange Creeper Kitty, and took it home to his throne upon high.