Items have a particular drop chance depending on their rarity, and in some extreme cases, some items may have an extremely low drop rate.

As of right now, common items have a 10% drop chance, uncommon items have a 5% drop chance, and rare items have a 2.5% drop chance. All items but Blair follow these rules, Blair however has an initial table chance, which means there is only a 20% chance of Blair even being on the rare drop list. This makes Blair's drop chance 0.5%.

The following charts display the number of drops per item that Lp81 had encountered, some of these scenarios were tested for over 20 hours! Some of the charts also include hay and rocks. Please note that all of the charts are based on the assumption that the player will drag 500 items per hour. In order to see the charts in great detail, you may have to click on the chart image and click on More Info in the top right of the popped up box, then click on Full resolution to open the full sized image.

Overall Chart Edit

This chart contains all of the results obtained, for a more specific scenario/item please refer to the charts below this one. As we can see, Jester items drastically improve your chances of getting items, especially in the case of Blair.

Overall Chart with Hay
Chart AllItems-AllScenarios-WithHay
Overall Chart without Hay
Chart AllItems-AllScenarios-NoHay

Scenarios Edit

3 Jester Items Edit

3 Jester Items + No Combo + Open Inventory
Chart 3Jester-NoCombo-OpenInv
3 Jester Items + No Combo + Full Inventory
Chart 3Jester-NoCombo-FullInv
3 Jester Items + Top 5 at 15 Expertise
Chart 3Jester-Top5at15
3 Jester Items + Batcow
Chart 3Jester-Batcow
3 Jester Items + Bat Wings
Chart 3Jester-BatWings
3 Jester Items + Blue Moon
Chart 3Jester-BlueMoon
3 Jester Items + Cthulhu
Chart 3Jester-Cthulhu
3 Jester Items + Double Rainbow
Chart 3Jester-DoubleRainbow
3 Jester Items + Gold Nuggets
Chart 3Jester-GoldNuggets
3 Jester Items + Sprinkle Cone
Chart 3Jester-SprinkleCone
3 Jester Items + Porkey
Chart 3Jester-Porkey

No Jester Items Edit

No Jester Items + No Combo + Open Inventory
Chart NoJester-NoCombo-OpenInv
No Jester Items + No Combo + Full Inventory
Chart NoJester-NoCombo-FullInv
No Jester Items + 3 Blairs
Chart NoJester-3Blair
No Jester Items + Batcow
Chart NoJester-Batcow
No Jester Items + Bat Wings
Chart NoJester-BatWings
No Jester Items + Blue Moon
Chart NoJester-BlueMoon
No Jester Items + Cthulhu
Chart NoJester-Cthulhu
No Jester Items + Double Rainbow
Chart NoJester-DoubleRainbow
No Jester Items + Gold Nuggets
Chart NoJester-GoldNuggets
No Jester Items + Sprinkle Cone
Chart NoJester-SprinkleCone
No Jester Items + Porkey
Chart NoJester-Porkey

Items Edit

Hay, Rocks and Tribbles Edit

Hay Edit
Chart Hay
Rocks Edit
Chart Rocks
Tribbles Edit
Chart Tribble

Common Edit

Basic Hat Edit
Chart CowboyHat
Basic Coat Edit
Chart Coat
Pipe Edit
Chart Pipe
Basic Shoes Edit
Chart Shoes
Deerstalker Hat Edit
Chart Deerstalker
Cowboy Shoes Edit
Chart CowboyBoots

Un-common Edit

Nya Beer Hat Edit
Chart NyaBeerHat
Lei Edit
Chart Lei
Fedora Edit
Chart Fedora
Monocle Edit
Chart Monocle
Rainbow Wings Edit
Chart RainbowWings
Lace Dress Edit
Chart Dress
Sprinkle Cone Hat Edit
Chart SprinkleConeHat
Rainbow Afro Edit
Chart RainbowAfro
Bat Wings Edit
Chart BatWings

Rare Edit

Afro Edit
Chart Afro
Pink Tutu Edit
Chart Tutu
Crown Edit
Chart Crown
Golden Afro Edit
Chart GoldenAfro
Astronaut Set Edit
Chart AstronautHelmetSuit
Batsuit Edit
Chart Batsuit
Blair Edit
Chart Blair
Cthulhu Mask Edit
Chart Cthulhu-Mask
Dino-Grabber Edit
Chart Dino-Grabber
Doge Set Edit
Chart DogePetCoatBoots
Wolf Hat Edit
Chart WolfHat