There once was an evil land that bordered the Ice Cream Standopia,

It was ruled by an evil lord Cheezus, who ruled all of cheese kind.

He had a gentle son, a son he could not be proud of,

No matter what task, he failed for what he asked,

But this son could just do no evil.

One day the evil lord Cheezus cast him out from his tormenting abode,

And his son traveled for a time before he came upon a glowing light.

It was Sam, the almighty lord of Ice Cream,

He looked upon the child, with a welcoming look,

"My child you look Jacked and Raw!"

He offered the child a place to stay in a wonderful world just behind the trees,

The land was covered in ice cream and cones galore,

The child's eyes grew great with awe.

Sam patted the boy on his head, and said in a stern voice,

"You're welcome to stay."

The boy looked up and Sam said once more,

"What is your name young boy?"

"My name is Jackraw."