Titles can be seen in the playercard when clicking on someone's name. The title is the piece of text next to the players name.

There is currently a drop down box in the Advanced tab of the settings that can be used to select which title you want people to see on your playercard. It doesn't currently do anything though. So you are not currently able to choose what title you want to show, as of right now the title that is shown is the highest ranking one.

A list of titles and how to get them can be seen below in order of their rank, from lowest to highest. Titles and requirements in grey cannot be obtained by players.

Name Requirement
Ice Creamizen Default Title
Artisan Reaching 25% total prestige bonus.
Stand Mogul Reaching 75% total prestige bonus.
Cart Lord Owning 1,000 carts.
Employee Lord Owning 1,000 employees.
Truck King Owning 1,000 trucks.
Robot Over-Lord Owning 1,000 robots.
Rocketman Owning 1,000 rockets.
Martian Owning 1,000 aliens.
Combo Chief Unlocking over 90 combos.
Stone Cold Reaching expertise 15 on a single flavour.
King Sherbet Reaching 398% total prestige bonus.
The Usurper Took part in the Attack on the Castle epic event.
Lore Master Provided to the Lore Master, Beepboop.
Designer Provided to the Designer, Creeperkitty.
Moderator Provided to the Moderators, Xenko and Sunbucks.
Admin Provided to the Admin, Sam.