There once was a young horse, he loved to sing.

He hailed from the north and did his thing.

But little was loved about his obscurities.

He fled his home city looking for a place to stay.

As he traveled south he found a home, where the sky and the rivers flowed with ice cream, oh yay!

Many creatures and things and oddities came, the young DJ pulled out his faithful turntable to say.

I am a singer and song mixer, I am Neighsay!

Obscurities and things are my full say!

The creatures all sat and gazed upon his horsey wonder.

He played and sung his obscure songs.

The citizens of Ice Cream Standopia all listened along.

When Dj Neighsay had finished his bout.

The citizens all rised up and yelled out!

"All hail the Neighsay for his songs match no other!"

This is the story of our bard Dj Neighsay who could be matched by no other.