There is a story from long ago, a fairytale of sorts that all the children of Ice Cream Standopia spoke.

It tells of a mysterious wizard, and the origins of food kind.

A ghost some say!

A spirit of Dinner!

They call him Mr Dinner Time, the mysterious Chronomancer.

During the late evenings this is the exact time that food are born.

They wake and take breath and at first sight they see a ghost!

A white figure that smiled, and held a scepter with a clock, hands forever clocked on the 6 and 12.

And some say after the first glimpse he disappears into the sky, then grow on to tell the tale of the great Mr Dinner Time.

As Generations passed down the fairytales of old, the great and mighty Sam took great interest in this ghost.

On the evening of the setting sun he waited out in the fields that food wandered from.

At precisely 6 he saw, a great white figure bring life to the foods.

Sam was puzzled and pleased that the fairytales were true, but within the glimpse the figure had disappeared.

He returned each evening to observe this strange creature, and one day the creature appeared to him.

"How may I help the almighty wise Sam?"

The ghost had spoke out.

Sam amazed by the ethereal presence of this great mysterious creature.

"Oh Mister Dinner Time, I ask for your aid.

“You are mighty and giving, would you help us in our time of need?"

Sam raised his hand out and the mysterious ghost replied out,

"On the day that you need me most, on this precise hour.”

“I will come and help if you so desire."

The ghost disappeared with a smile, Sam returning the same gesture.

Sam watched into the night as the sun set on the night.